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window install

  1. Appearance and Body
    edit: added janky diagram to help explain what the **** I am talking about. We have scored the internet and can't find a conversion that confirms clearance of flarespace body flares + tern overland window (450x900mm) installed in the passenger sliding door. We have found a couple sprinter...
  2. Members Personal Conversions
    Hello all, Zero experience with metal work. Every video I have watched so far suggest using jigsaw for cutting out the opening. Has anyone used electric metal shears before? Will that work? TiA Gary
  3. Interior and Shelving
    I'm looking to add a slider or vented window to the passenger side on the sliding door. Is this a good idea? Someone alerted me to the ease at which a person might be able to break the slider/vented portion of the window and slide their hand right in to open the door. Has anyone heard of this...