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  1. Sharing YouTubes

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    Are there any discussions that allow sharing of social media? I'd love to follow fellow van conversions as I'm working through this build, ideally the ProMasters that you all have. Thanks! Patrick
  2. 118 WB Low Roof Camper Build Tour and Instructional Build Videos

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    HI Again I kind of posted the link to my build Tour Video in the photos section, not realizing there is a specific forum for videos. So here is the link to my finished van - overview and features 2020 118 WB Low Roof Camper Build Video My wife also recorded the build as I went along - we...
  3. Our Van Tour | 800w solar (no propane), 2 bikes, 2 workstations, wet bath & more

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    While I've mostly been a silent onlooker so far, this forum has been such a wealth of knowledge throughout our lengthy van build process, which started in January 2019, so I am proud to share the finished product with you all! We call it "Vanolin," because of the sheep's wool insulation...