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  1. Promaster Parts
    WTB OEM partition in the DMV or PA area to fit my 2021 PM high roof, will come pick it up.
  2. Ram Promaster Dealers & Pricing
    I began to have interest in a used Promaster last fall. That's right about when prices started bumping up. Now, I'm finally ready to buy, but here on the west coast there is limited availability and dealers are asking for high amounts. I mean, am I wrong that we are seeing prices 8-10k above...
  3. Ram Promaster Dealers & Pricing
    Naturally, the more miles on a van... the cheaper the van become, which is a bonus on price.. at the cost of mileage... So I am just wondering at what number of miles on a used ProMaster would you say, "Forget it. Not worth converting into a camper van."? Are we talking like 30k? 50k? 80k...
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Found a great deal on a 2014 V6 Promaster 2500 with 116k miles and a new transmission. I know that there were some transmission issues with these. Should I be worried about that still even though this has a new transmission? What questions should I ask before I go and see and buy? And what kinds...
1-4 of 4 Results