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  1. Promaster Parts
    In the process of converting my 2019 159" ProMaster, I remove all of the OEM panels from the interior of the van, including the foam. Everything is in fantastic condition, but one of the panels (see pictures) has a slight crack on it. The only foam inserts not included are the ones that go right...
    $300 USD
  2. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    First post here! First off, I really appreciate everyone's contributions here. I've learned a great deal and wanted to be part of the discussion. Motivation There are videos on YouTube (e.g. this one) and some posts on PM Forums indicating that the side panels could leak water into the van. I...
  3. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Anyone looking to trade interior cab trim pieces for a partition? In the central california area
  4. Interior and Shelving
    I've got my walls. I've got my ceilings. Now what? How do I tie them together into something resembling a professional build? I've seen people just cut a piece of wood to fit in the corner, adding a diagonal plank look. Maybe, but that seems like it would clash, unless I painted it grey...
  5. Promaster Parts
    I have a 2018 3500 Promaster that had a partition, after a camper conversion the partition is gone so I need the trim that fits a non-partition van. If someone is looking for partition trim it might be a perfect trade. Any info helps, thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results