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  1. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I have watched a few videos on making my 2017 PM passenger seat swivel. I really don't want to spend $400 on the Scopema model, and then there is the $300 SwivelsRus model, but then there is the $200 Discount Van Truck version. However, I recently watched a youtube video of a man making...
  2. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Has anyone installed a SCOPEMA driverside swivel? Can someone confirm that it swivels 180 degrees, unobstructed, in the clockwise direction (into the van)? I have a SportsCraft swivel and it DOES NOT!!!!
  3. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Allan Tone was the owner of the company formerly known as SprinterEngineering out of Salt Lake City. I ordered a pair of swivel seats from him and after 3 months of run-around I got an email saying he has gone out business. I’ve been able to reach out to other people who have done business with...
1-3 of 3 Results