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swivel seat
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  1. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Greetings all. I have a few questions about seat swivels and lowered seat bases. I have read the other threads but most of them are quite old. It seems like the lowered seat bases are still backordered everywhere in the US. I'm on at least two waiting lists for them. Eurocampers and...
  2. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Has anyone installed a SCOPEMA driverside swivel? Can someone confirm that it swivels 180 degrees, unobstructed, in the clockwise direction (into the van)? I have a SportsCraft swivel and it DOES NOT!!!!
  3. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    I have installed both driver and passenger SportCraft swivel seats. The driver side only allows the seat to swivel 90 degrees in the clockwise direction before hitting the steering wheel or I can swivel it 200 degrees in the counter-clockwise direction (toward the driver's door). This leaves...
  4. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    Hi All - Just purchased a 2020 RPM 2500 159" and am looking to purchase a single bucket seat or trade a bench seat for it. In LA and can travel a reasonable distance. Thanks! Patrick
  5. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    I bought the driver's side swivel seat adaptor from eurocampers (part number 70091) but then changed the layout of my van! So I would like to swap it for a passenger side one (part number 70092). I'm located in the bay area, so would ideally like to find someone I can meet up with a do a...
  6. Interior and Shelving
    What have others done to add seating to your van? We currently have two seats in the front and need a third seat for our son and his carseat. Have others added a bench seat to the front? It's not ideal for me to have him in the front but are open to all options. Have you added an additional seat...
1-6 of 6 Results