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  1. Ram ProMaster City Forum
    I am trying to move the middle seat (60) back from its stowed position against the back of the front seats. The seat will rotate and lock in the correct bottom seat position, but the seat back will not open enough to lock because the seat belt retractor is not releasing. I am hoping someone...
  2. Diesel Promaster Discussion
    Hi All, Back in September, my family and a friend's family were in upstate New York participating in Fall Activities (ie. Apple Picking, farm stand hopping, etc.) We were on our way back to NYC, when the van suddenly wouldn't shift. We were able to rent a SUV on Sunday, from Enterprise, and...
  3. Diesel Promaster Discussion
    I was going down the highway about 65 mph. Came to a stop and warning light came on to service transmission. I shut the engine off on the side of the road. I start it back up and now it is stuck in neutral. Cannot get it out of N now. On a road trip and currently on the side of the road in...
1-3 of 3 Results