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  1. Ram ProMaster City Forum
    Looking to get rid of this high quality katerack shelf in great condition. Selling for $1000 but open to offers.
  2. Interior and Shelving
    I'm trying to find or build a simple modular cabinet storage system inside a cargo van that is being converted to a living space. The basic concept is to keep the design and function simple, modular (removable, changeable) and affordable. If I need to remove the cabs (cabinets) to make room for...
  3. Ram ProMaster City Forum
    The roof rack on my build is pretty much finished. Here are some pix. A youtube video explains the construction. front view rack frame rack with tubes top view other top view
  4. Ram ProMaster City Forum
    I'd like to put in a shelf that mounts above the wheel wells in the promaster city. It would span the entire back of the van and be about 20 - 24" deep. Any resources you can recommend for a stock solution? I've searched a number of sites but haven't seen anything close to what I'm looking for...
1-4 of 4 Results