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  1. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Looking for direction, 2015 Pro Master Cargo 1500 3.6 no start, or crank service hill, service airbag, service ESC, service brakes, messages on along with lights along also security light on installed new battery, good key fob batteries, can not get code reader to communicate. Also key stuck...
  2. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    What's up everyone. I have to park my van on the street, and over the past several months would-be thieves damaged both of my keyholes--one beyond repair. I'm afraid if they come back around, they'll destroy the 2nd, and I'll have no way to get into the van if key fob doesn't work (wet or...
  3. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    My boyfriend and i are almost done with our build. After a couple of road trips camping out of the van, I've realized we need more security than the basic locks that came with the van. What tips and products can you recommend - preferably based on personal experience - to protect and secure the...
  4. Promaster Reviews
    Hello fellow Promaster Pro's. I could sure use some advice from the veteran Promaster owners. What is the best tracking system to use in case your van gets stolen? I appreciate any help you all might give me. Thank you
  5. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    I searched the forums for "shielding" and didn't see anything specific for protective interior and/or exterior shielding for the door lock and handle areas. The shielding is some type of custom shaped metal that either goes inside behind the door handle lock area or on the outside or both...
  6. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    There appears no solution to this problem I have no way to alarm my van All I hear in reply is "ahem" When I call shops and ask for the man I understand I can install a system that works With a key fob and walking around land But getting in water the key shorts And I'm left with my **** in my...
1-6 of 6 Results