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  1. Favorite Roof Rack for Solar Panels?

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Does anyone have a favorite solution for a roof rack to hold solar panels? Does it depend on the type of panels? Looking for a easy/universal option. Thanks!
  2. RAM ProMaster Vantech roof rack mounting kit

    Promaster Parts
    Complete mounting kit for roof rack for all eight posts on ProMaster roof. My van is 159' VanTech products are all stainless steel I planned to DIY my roof rack with 80/20 but ended up hiring a company to do the roof rack and install. Paid $210 for the mounting kit. Would like $150. Vantech...
  3. rack and fan

    rack and fan

    2 Rich Solar 180w panels mounted on an Prime Design Alurack and a Maxxfan 6200 deluxe installed
  4. roof plan - solar, fan, deck board

    roof plan - solar, fan, deck board

    to scale
  5. Installed 8020 Roof Rack and Solar panel

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    I ordered the 8020 adapter kit from Heinz and put together this mount for my singular solar panel. The solar panel I ordered from Platt electric : https://www.platt.com/platt-electric-supply/Solar-Modules-Monocrystalline-60-Cell/Q-CELLS/Q-PLUS-BFR-G4-1-290/product.aspx?zpid=1451328 It was only...
  6. Rack, pv, solar water, fan, storage - all on an itty bitty PMC roof

    Ram ProMaster City Forum
    The roof rack on my build is pretty much finished. Here are some pix. A youtube video explains the construction. front view rack frame rack with tubes top view other top view