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  1. Electronics
    Small question for any of you running dc to dc chargers by Renogy does the Promaster have a “smart alternator“ , needing the D+ wire connection? I see noted in diagrams for optional control wire from charge controller to alternator to tell alternator to boost its output. Has anyone connected...
  2. Electronics
    Hey everyone, I’m having two issues I was hoping someone well versed in electrical would be able to help me out with. I’ve divided them in to two categories: inverter and charger. Details for each are below. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so so much!! - Chris Charger: I have the 40A...
  3. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Looking at installing two 200 watt panels-- what do people think about Renogy vs NewPowa? Newpowa is less $$, but many seem to swear by Renogy.
1-3 of 3 Results