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  1. Promaster Parts
    PASSENGER REAR CARGO DOOR GLASS WINDOWS RAM PROMASTER VAN 14-21 - Left & Right 118", 136” & 159” , 159" Ext Wheelbases Brand new in box [Identical to ones in picture] - $75/window Pickup only
    $150 USD
  2. Promaster Parts
    Passenger Sliding Door Window RAM ProMaster Van 14-21 - 118", 136” & 159” , 159" Ext Wheelbases Brand new in box [Identical to one in picture] Pickup only
    $100 USD
  3. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    I have decided to sell my self-converted Ram Promaster 2500 159". This is an extremely capable 4-season van that will get you nearly anywhere in full comfort. It also has extremely low mileage (15930). Some of the amenities/build features include: -Full spray foam insulation (varies in...
    $55,000 USD
  4. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    I'm looking to purchase/trade a good condition, passenger side, bucket seat for a 2014 Ram Promaster diesel van. I have a like new bench for same (see photos), and would be willing to negotiate a deal in trade.
    $300 USD
  5. Engine and Technical Discussion
    I replaced the upper intake manifold on my 2016 ProMaster 3.6, replace the lower and the upper gaskets as well at the same time. I had two broken bolts that I was able to extract with vise grips. I put everything back together after replacing injector number 3, and I made sure to torque...
  6. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    I am a salesperson at a Commerical Work Van used auto dealer in Rochester, NY area. We sell quite a few Rams and this forum can help me learn a little more about these vans. Thank you for allowing me to join.
  7. Ram ProMaster City Forum
    Hi all, I am a "lucky" owner of 2017 Promaster City with about 120K mi on the odometer. I am contemplating of doing a transmission fluid replacement mostly as a preventative measure. The van has no issues with shifting (knowing on wood) but I did read on here of few people who had issues with...
  8. Appearance and Body
    1, how much of the 8900lb weight is the 12 foot cargo 159" non extended wheelbase promaster 2500 is fiberglass? And 2, is there a handleless side panel that can replace the default sliding door?
  9. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hey everyone, ThomasRobert23 here, this forum has helped me tremendously last year after going through most common issues with my 2017 159” 3500 3.6 liter Thank you 🙏
  10. Promaster Parts
    These rims are in great shape. Basically brand new. No scratches or imperfections of any kind. They only have around 500 miles on them. Just pulled them off my new 2021 136". $450. In Los Angeles. Motivated seller :cool: Thanks!
  11. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Built this tray with cup holders for my promaster 1500 build. Thought others may like to build something similar as the normal promaster cup holders aren’t the best.
  12. Promaster Vehicle Sales
    450 watts of solar , 2000 watt magnum inverter , 2 lion energy lithium bats , full Sundazer DC fridge , Olympian heater , full sink , fresh and greywater removable jugs , floating aluminum bed ,
  13. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    Hi all, I have a brand new unused 2020 Promaster, and on purchase came with a double passenger seat. Looking to trade or purchase for a single passenger seat in the same grey/black color, leather. I am in the North East. Questions and offers welcome. Please be aware that all newly registered...
  14. Electronics
    My ProMaster 2500 159 didn't come with the rear 12v power on the rear like it did for some - and I simply want the outlet when the engine is running. I removed the panel to see if it was pre-wired, but no dice sadly (unless I didn't know what to look for). However, I did verify that it has the...
  15. Ram ProMaster City Forum
    I recently purchased a refrigerated 2018 ProMaster City. I purchased it for a grocery delivery business I have started. Looking for a straight forward How-To on the passenger seat removal. I am doing this so I can retrofit shelving to sit there as well. Since I am putting shelving in the...
  16. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    I have a 2014 Promaster 1500. I do a lot of alpine climbing around Colorado and I've been thinking about beefing up the suspension to help with some of rougher roads and the added weight of my build out. The short wheelbase performs pretty well but does anyone have any thoughts on beefing...
  17. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    An installer I've hired says its normal to arc when plugging in the shore power receptacle. Anyone agree with this? Here's my layout if it helps.
  18. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    American Van products, all aluminum cargo partition, 2 shelf/cabinet units Fits Ram Promaster City, 2018 year, maybe others Removed from vehicle after 3 months use, almost brand new appearance Retail 362.00 for partition, 421.00 each for cabinet/shelf, 1204.00 original price. Selling for...
  19. Promaster Vehicle Sales
    Not happy with you day job and want to travel the country making good money? I'll teach you what you need to know and you'll be living the dream of being an owner operator but without needing a special license or keeping log books. Selling my 2018 promaster 3500 high top, extended with 67k...
1-20 of 21 Results