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  1. Vendor Group Buy
    {Updated March 29th) Hi Promaster People! 👋 Finally, there is another roof rack available for Promaster people like us! For too long the Promaster platform has been neglected when it comes to accessories…. But not anymore! Our mission at Orion Van Gear is to change that. We set out to create a...
  2. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    Looking to sell a bench seat for 2015 promaster. Located in MA, 400 OBO. Great condition, only selling to replace with single bucket seat.
  3. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hey everyone! My name is Sheridan and I've been perusing the boards for a few months but now I can finally say I am a Promaster owner! After weeks of intense looking, calling, and searching I finally settled on a new Promaster 3500 159 Extended. I'm so stoked to start sharing my build-out and...
  4. How-To Forum
    I was curious about the pins on the inner hinges of my rig. They look like they're removeable but I tried loosening them with a 5mm allen and the pin metal seems very soft and unable to withstand the needed loosening torque - like the pin was interference-fit to the hinge body while cold. Has...
  5. Electronics
    Looking for engine battery info. I have searched different sections and levels of the forum, and of our owner's manual, and can't find info about the recommended engine battery for our 2015 Promaster 3500, converted to an RV. We had a replacement engine battery installed 6/2018 when the...
1-5 of 5 Results