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  1. How-To Forum
    Hi Blithely bought a replacement hinge thinking it would be just unscrewing the busted one and screwing in the new one. No. The door panel has to come off. But how much of the panel has to be removed to get access to the hinge assembly inside the door? If you look at this YouTube video you'll...
  2. Ram Promaster Pictures
    I like how they “painted” the front bumper to match
  3. Diesel Promaster Discussion
    Hello All, this is my first post here. Not sure if it’s in the correct spot. I have a 2014 Promaster 1500 Diesel. Having issues with ESC and Hill Assist. While on incline and a full stop, when brake pedal released the system kicks in and holds brakes, the problem is that it won’t release the...
  4. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    thank you for making an introductory post! I have moved it to the General Forum for you in order to give you more exposure . Good luck! Hi ProMaster People - I'm Catie, I have a 2018 ProMaster 1500 high roof conversion van that was stolen the other night from my driveway. I'm hoping to post on...
1-4 of 4 Results