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  1. PM City Can hi and lo from the radio harness?

    Ram ProMaster City Forum
    I’m attempting to install an aftermarket radio into my 2017 PMC and the harness has me taping into the canbus hi and lo at the odb2 port... I’m wondering if it’s possible that these run to the factory harness so I could just get them from there. Seems unlikely but I figured I’d ask if anyone...
  2. PM City Hesitation on cold start and slow response

    Ram ProMaster City Forum
    I just bought a 2017 PMC with 40k on it and they must have warmed it up before I took it out on the test drive because every morning now when I start it up to go it doesn’t want to cooperate. It feels almost like it the transmission is slipping as I buck forward from a dead stop into 1st and...
  3. Roof rails for promaster city

    Promaster Parts
    I'm selling roof rails that were removed from a 2015 PMC. Omtec is the manufacturer. I just installed these same rails on my 2016, and they're great. $50.00 and they're yours. All hardware is included and I'll supply the install diagrams as well. I can will ship but buyer pays the postage...