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  1. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    It was my first time using a circular saw and jigsaw this past weekend, and I thought I did a decent job creating the 1/2 inch Polyiso template and then the 3/4 inch plywood (solid core) floor. I did 2 coats of poly on the plywood in advance. I left some space around the outside and plan to fill...
  2. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    So I got my floor mostly finished. 1/2 insulation board and 1/2 birch ply. Followed a lot of the advice here. Looks great, fits well. I ran three 4' sheets of ply horizontally to span the 12' space, two have one of the factory tie down bolts, the other (middle) has two. Ran the insulation...
  3. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    I know nothing about wood and I'd like to get some of your opinions. I am currently building out the walls of my van and after reading through a lot of threads and build blogs it seems most people who use plywood for their walls, use either Luan or Baltic Birch. I went to my local wood dealer...
1-3 of 3 Results