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  1. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Just bought a 2020 Promaster 2500 . This forum has been so helpful. The wiring is next but it not my strong suit. Anyone in the Westminster, CO area with some insight?
  2. Ram Promaster Dealers & Pricing
    Hello everyone thanks for stopping by. This will be my biggest purchase to date and I am hesitant to jump into such a commitment, any opinions or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I found a new PM at a dealer with basic features for what I believe to be a great price. Base Price: $40,395...
  3. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Alright...I haven't even bought my van yet, but I'm trying to price it out and sort through what features I'd want it to just come with from the dealership. Use case- traveling around with my kiddo camping, so I'm just going to cover the basics to start like a bed and ceiling vent. I'm not...
  4. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hey everyone! My name is Sheridan and I've been perusing the boards for a few months but now I can finally say I am a Promaster owner! After weeks of intense looking, calling, and searching I finally settled on a new Promaster 3500 159 Extended. I'm so stoked to start sharing my build-out and...
1-4 of 4 Results