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    Just joined the forum after reading dozens of informative posts about the PM van builds. Currently building my first camper van, a '21 PM 159WB HR in Northern CA. Looking for tips and advice on certain aspects of the build and share some lessons learned of my missteps.
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    I own a 2018 Promaster cargo van. I am here to find specific technical questions! Let me start off with a little rant! Why did fiat make it so hard to replace turn signal blinker bulbs inside mirrors? The need for lens removal in order to get to blinker assembly is not well thought out. As I...
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    Hello everyone! My wife and I just ordered a 2021 Promaster 2500 159 high roof. It will be delivered in about 4-6 months. This will be our first van build but not our first vehicle build. We’ve refit our sailboat and built a teardrop camper from scratch. We have also rebuilt an old camper. That...