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  1. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hello all! I'd like to start out by thanking you all for all the help you've been in my planning for the build of my new ProMaster! Finding this forum before my purchase gave me the confidence that I would have a lot of first-hand advice should I ever have trouble, which ultimately gave me the...
  2. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Thanks for allowing me to post here. I am a local company in the Orlando area. I have a 2018 Promaster 2500. I look forward to getting advice and other informative tips from everyone here.
  3. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Today I finalized the purchase on a 2016 2500 159" wheelbase with extended roof! I've never had a car or a home to call my own, so this has been and continues to be a huuuuuuge deal for me. I'm really happy to have this forum to come to for all the questions I'm sure to run into during this new...
  4. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hello, New to the forum. We are both retired and purchased a 2014 Ram Promaster, 159WB. We are converting it into a camper van to take short trips around the US. Everything we’ve done so far we’ve learned from YouTube!
  5. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Introducing ourselves. We ordered a PM to replace our 27’ class c rv that finally gave up the ghost. Going to start with a basic sleeper setup to finish out the summer in Alaska, then concentrate on converting. Have already learned a ton by lurking on this forum, and will return here often as we...
  6. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hi there. My name is Marko Schmale an I live in North River, New York in the beautiful Adirondack mountains. Just bought a 2021 Promaster 13" hi top and am starting the conversion today! I am going to post a few questions once I am approved. Thanks
  7. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hey all, Checking in here per the forum requirements as a new user. I'm coming to you from Seattle. While I have long wanted a promaster, I was wrapped up in a "micro" camper or mini-van conversion with a 2001 astrovan. After a few loving years with that thing, the transmission has blown and...
  8. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hello, I have recently purchased a Promaster 159" 2500 high roof. We have started the conversion and are finding this forum very helpful. We are based in Rhode island and are planning on having the build completed by mid summer. Thank you.
  9. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hi everyone, I'm a new owner of a used 2014 Promaster named Ingrid in the Seattle, WA area. My partner and I are in the beginning stages of building it out to live in temporarily and use as a camper van. I'll be looking to this community for build and parts advice and swaps. We'll be moving...
  10. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Just bought a ProMaster, stoked to start the build out on this van so that my wife and I can get onto our next adventure.
  11. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    I purchased a 2020 159” WB Hightop recently. I want to visit my four kids & their families without invading their home space during these challenging times. I will be converting this gradually as I travel across the country. This site has been so helpful. Thank you. K Johnson
1-11 of 11 Results