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    I am thwooge from western Washington state. Just bought a 2019 1050 cargo and starting to convert it. I’ve got lots to learn.
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    Introductory post here. Being of excessive bravery, and little sense, I bought a 2500 high roof and just started building. I think I made a dozen mistakes in my first dozen moves. Bought a ton of electrical and propane tools and gear. I really wish I had seen this forum before. My goal besides...
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    Hello All. My name is Bryan I own a 2015 ram promaster diesel. I am from Wisconsin and just trying to keep my promaster alive. Thanks
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    i have to post here so here we go
  5. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    This forum has been really helpful through my planning phase. Finally, after searching for weeks, I finally drove home a 2500 159" yesterday. I'll be doing the build-out in NC before heading back to CA. Glad there's a community around this; I look forward to contributing.