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  1. For Sale Thinsulate 20x60

    3M Thinsulate™ Acoustic/Thermal Insulation SM600L (20' x 60") New, in original packaging
    $170 USD
  2. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Just bought a 136 wheel base with a low roof. I want to insulate it. Trying to find the square footage of insulation I need to buy. Do you know what the square footage of the walls and ceiling are?
  3. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Hello all! I’ve been reading this forum for a few weeks now but have been researching campervan conversions for a few months. I’m hoping to purchase a Promaster early next year and begin the process of converting. The van will typically be used for short trips of 2-10 days, but there may be...
  4. How-To Forum
    Beginning my build of a 2021 Promaster 159 high roof cargo van into a wheelchair van / weekender. When they installed the lift (Braun UVL), they advised me that the factory cargo floor that I thought was secured simply with the tie-down rings also has strips of industrial glue running up every...
  5. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    I bought a mostly converted 2018 1500. Love the build, just need to make a few adjustments (guessing I’ll be saying that for years to come!) My van has reflectix behind cedar shiplap, but there are three places in particular with no insulation that I’m considering adding to: above, along the...
  6. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Hello again everyone, I have been going down the post rabbit hole all morning now trying to figure out some specifics on my insulation. The previous owner used rockwool all around. I don't really like the idea of that in places I can't seal well and from the research by GaryBIS (Testing...
  7. How-To Forum
    I am thinking of using R-Tech or polysibo to insulate my Promaster City van. Do I have to cover the wall and ceiling insulation? This is going to be a basic camper, nothing fancy -- just a platform bed and camping and fishing gear.
  8. Interior and Shelving
    I really like the aesthetic of the Ryovan build and was thinking of doing a similar wall construction for my weekend camper. I'm more concerned with preventing mold & rust than with having a perfectly insulated van. I like that the walls are partially open to allow more airflow to dry out any...
  9. Other
    Need just a bit more Thinsulate to finish insulating your van? I have a 18 sq ft rectangular piece of Thinsulate SM600L. 60" long X 43" wide. I am in Bellingham, WA (Fairhaven area). Pick-up only.
  10. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    I have 3 bags of Havelock Wool Batts to sell. Looking for $530 all in (paid $590) and to be collected from the Cloverdale/South Surrey area. Delivery is not an option.
  11. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Hey guys! As many seem to do, I used polyiso board (double layered 3/4 inch) and cut to shape for my rear door windowless panels. I wasn’t sure if it should fit to the smaller portion or the larger portion, so I chose the small one and decided to fill the space with some careful layers of spray...
  12. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    I just picked up some polyiso and have some concerns. To my surprise it was faced not with foil, but with a fiberglass paper. Polyiso is very hard to find in the area right now, and this was a delivery from Salt Lake, very good price. I decided to take it, head home and do some reading...
  13. Interior and Shelving
    Wondering if anyone has experience in using cork spray/paint as a sound deadener? As I want to go as non-toxic and sustainable as possible, I am going with Havelock wool (yes, I am aware of the potential challenges, but I am making a well researched calculated risk - there is no perfect...
  14. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Hello everyone, I am a rookie learning all I can before I start my first build. I have watched countless YT videos on the topic and so many posts on here that I have learned so much. But before I can confidently make my insulation choices I sure would appreciate your input. Greg Virgoe, who is...
  15. Members Personal Conversions
    Hi, I just joined the forum. I have just spent an hour reading the various posts going back in 2014. Interestingly the debate over insulation and condensation hasn't changed. Most of you are seasoned builders or have already done many van builds. I live in California, I just bought a 2019...
  16. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    I'm trying to figure out the best way to insulate the sliding door below the window. My dog sleeps on the floor behind the cab and there is quite a draft from the door. I did take the panel off and put some insulation in there, but there are still spaces that are trapping cold air and it's...
  17. Promaster Builds and Conversions
    So many threads on insulation. The more I read, the more uncertain I am. The recent post on thinsulate vs. polyiso vs. SM600L thinsulate was educational. I liked the SM600L spec sheet. Am starting on the ceiling, and purchased 3M HI-Strength 90, but haven't bought the insulation yet. 1...
1-17 of 17 Results