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  1. Marmoleum Click Cinch

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Anyone see a reason this stuff is a no-go? I'd be installing over 1/2 Baltic Birch ply. It's a little more price effective for me because I can't find remnants of the Marmoleum sheets in my area. It has a cork and HDF backing. If properly installed and sealed, I'd hope it's close or as good as...
  2. Template for Flooring

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, It seems that everyone is recreating the wheel over and over to make templates of their flooring. I would assume that the flooring template would be the same for each Ram Promaster 2500 (159 wheelbase), at least if the same year. Perhaps my assumption is wrong but, if it's right, is...
  3. how thick vinyl/linoleum for your flooring? also-- custom cutting vinyl/lino for floor brackets (see pic)

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    I've got my subfloor in and now browsing hundreds of flooring options; What thicknesses should i be aiming for for the vinyl/lino? I'm afraid too thin and it may not secure solidly to the subfloor (planning on letting it float, and to my intuition thick/heavier is better for this) Also, see the...
  4. Thoughts on this for a loose lay flooring option?

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    I’ve come to be the proud owner of a large roll (~5’ x 80’) of this Gerflor Padded Vinyl Flooring. It’s quite thick and commercial grade, and I’m hoping to repurpose it for my van floor. I would put it over plywood underlayment, but I’m hoping it would be heavy enough to leave it loose lay...