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  1. Members Personal Conversions
    Hey,i have a renogy 50-50 dc charger that i bought and installed a year ago.At first it was pulling 50amps from the starter battery but was tripping the 80ah fuse all the time.After swaping the braker that was all sorted but now everytime the fan(cooling fan i guess?) Comes on the charging from...
  2. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    We have the Hein roof adapter winging its way to us, but in NC it’s been an extremely wet season so far and we’re seeing moderate leakage along the side of the fan. Luckily our ceiling isn’t installed yet so we can still get to it, but it seems the butyl tape and other space filler we used...
  3. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    Hey all, I have a vent adaptor from Hein at DIYVan that I never ended up using on my build. It is the internal frame for 14x14" fan install. If anyone needs one DM me an offer and can send it out, or I am currently located in Florida for the next couple of months then on the road...
  4. Electronics
    I wanted to utilize a solar generator (all-in-one) in my van build. I’ve Installed a Maxxaire fan and connected the wires to a cigarette plug I bought off of Amazon (Link below). I feel 100% confident that the wiring connections are correct and good. I’ve plugged it into both my solar...
  5. rack and fan

    2 Rich Solar 180w panels mounted on an Prime Design Alurack and a Maxxfan 6200 deluxe installed
  6. Ram ProMaster City Forum
    The roof rack on my build is pretty much finished. Here are some pix. A youtube video explains the construction. front view rack frame rack with tubes top view other top view
1-7 of 7 Results