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factory floor

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    Various parts for sale for Dodge Ram Promaster 2500 159 WB Hi Roof Cargo Vans: FOR SALE - Original black plastic/wood factory installed floor with 8 D-rings FOR SALE - Silver D-rings from van walls FOR SALE - Silver and red Exterior decals from left and right sides and rear FOR SALE - Interior...
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    Hoping someone can share their experience replacing the factory floor mat in the cab area. I just purchased a 2016 2500 159” and spent the first few days doing a deep clean. I noticed some sections of the factory floor covering in the cab area were loose, and upon further inspection the entire...
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    I bought a Promaster with the factory wood-composite floor installed. My plan for the floor is as follows: 1) Remove the factory floor 2) Install 0.375" strips of Minicell between the ribs in the floor, using a dab of 3M 90 to secure these strips in place 3) Float a 0.25" layer of Minicell on...
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    It is in great shape. I also have all the hardware. The bottom has some damage from the glue they used to install it but you would never know once it is in place. I am thinking it is worth $200.00.