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    Hey everyone! New to this and on the 2nd month of building out a high roof 2018 promaster. Anyone else here building out in San Diego?
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    Hi all, I'm Claudia. Along with my husband and 3, sometimes 4 dogs, we travel in our self-converted 2019 136wb 1500. We call Oklahoma our home. We keep it light, and are constantly updating or upgrading. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. Reach out if you're out my way. Happy trails!
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    This discussion is Part 2 of My Modest Camper Conversion - Part 1, where we left off with 5 : Wall & Ceiling Panels and now move on to... 6 : Kitchen Cabinet Framework The design we worked out for the kitchen cabinet included four drawers on the left, a simple hand pump faucet with a sink and...
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    I joined this most excellent forum six months ago and am now able to share information about the build that my wife and I have finished for the 2019 Promaster 1500 136" LR that we purchased last November. Please keep in mind that ours is a simple DIY build. Compared to most conversions featured...