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  1. DEF Low light on, DEF tank full - need advice

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    2014 159" Diesel 52,000 miles. Wondering if anyone has ever had this happen: The DEF Low Refill Soon message appeared, but the tank is full. My mechanic (not a dealer shop) is able to imitate the sensor with the scan tool so we are pretty sure it not an electrical issue. Could the tank level...
  2. Diesel in COVID19 Quarantine, what's best?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Our poor van (2016 3500, extended, diesel) has been sitting in COVID19 quarantine, in storage south of Boston since October 2019. Our normal MO is to fly down from Anchorage AK where we live and use it for extended trips of 4-7 weeks, usually in spring and fall. Because of COVID we are...
  3. The DPF LIMP and FCA Runaround

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    Hi - Never posted - but own 2015 Promaster 3.0L Turbo diesel 58K miles. Stranded 400 miles from home 2 months ago in LIMP and still not fixed. #1 ETC Light comes on along with Check Engine light - we continue our trip - key on/off removes ETC but only for a while (20 miles or so sometimes...
  4. Can I buy an extended warranty from FCA prior to factory warranty expiring?

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2016 Diesel that will be reaching the end of the factory warranty in the next few months. Is it possible to buy an extended powertrain warranty from FCA to cover the expensive bits related to engine and emissions? I'm in Canada and our powertrain warranty was 5 years/100,000km. I...
  5. Hill shifting issues - 2014 3500

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    I have 2014 PM 3500 with 140,000 miles on it. It is a diesel with the automatic manual transmission. Just got it a month ago, built it into a camper, and am currently on a 2 week trip in the PNW with it. Here is the problem. Anytime I am going down hill the van doesn't seem to want to shift...
  6. Auxiliary Diesel Tank Filling

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi All, I've got a gasoline 3500 PM and am installing a diesel fuel tank under the vehicle to use for the Espar heater I plan to install. I'm trying to maximize stealth with this build, and would therefore really like to be able to avoid cutting an additional hole in the side of the van for an...