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  1. Ram ProMaster City Forum
    I've got a '15 City (bot in '16) with ~38k miles. Up until the last oil change, it's been using about 1 qt between Oil Changes The OCI is about 5000 miles. Although this is excessive when compared to my Toyota, it's not for a Dodge (you can prob pick up on my passive aggressive stance against...
  2. Ram ProMaster City Forum
    I just bought a 2016 PM city and it does not have a spare. I have read the other discussions about spare tire kits, and I can see how to install the kit assembly with the winch and everything. My issue is that the kit is out of stock everywhere I look with no projected date when it will be...
  3. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    American Van products, all aluminum cargo partition, 2 shelf/cabinet units Fits Ram Promaster City, 2018 year, maybe others Removed from vehicle after 3 months use, almost brand new appearance Retail 362.00 for partition, 421.00 each for cabinet/shelf, 1204.00 original price. Selling for...
1-3 of 3 Results