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  1. How-To Forum
    We are looking to add a cigarette plug socket in the back of our 2014 Ram Promaster to charge our 3000x Goal Zero. We were wondering if we could use the wiring from the cargo light located in the middle of the back doors? The light is missing but the wiring is there. We would appreciate any...
  2. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Hello Forum Is their a setting which will allow the cigarette lighter plug to stay 'hot' so I can charge a cell phone while the vehicle is off? I have a 2020 Ram Promaster Cargo 1500. Previously I had a SUV which allowed me to charge a phone overnight while I slept. With my Promaster their is...
  3. Electronics
    I wanted to utilize a solar generator (all-in-one) in my van build. I’ve Installed a Maxxaire fan and connected the wires to a cigarette plug I bought off of Amazon (Link below). I feel 100% confident that the wiring connections are correct and good. I’ve plugged it into both my solar...
1-3 of 3 Results