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  1. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Outfitting my new truck to haul the kinds of things I haul, (carts full of heavy equipment) and noticed that there is a lack of tie down straps on the walls, but an over abundance on the floors. Have any of you tried moving tie down straps from the floors to the walls? ( i'm considering doing...
  2. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    OMFG is there any way to change the timeout of the dome lights and factory rear LEDs to stay on longer? Every time they turn off I’m one step closer to lighting them on fire so I can see what I’m doing. :mad: Thanks!
  3. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Hello all, I'm shopping for a ProMaster and a good option nearby has the MOPAR Interior Cargo Rack installed. This is a roughly $2,400 upfitter kit when building a ProMaster, and something I don't think I'd need for my conversion. Does anyone have experience with the aftermarket appeal for...
1-3 of 3 Results