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camper conversion

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    Looking for a partition bulkhead for my '21 PM 3500 Hi roof extended. Please let me know if you have one for sale/ trade in Virginia. Thanks!
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    I have an opportunity to buy a used Milwaukee18ga shear and am wondering if it's an appropriate tool for cutting openings such as windows and vents. If you had a choice, would you prefer a shear or a jigsaw?
  3. Ram Promaster Pictures
    Just wanted to share some shots of our latest 136" build. This one was a blast to work on and was jam-packed with features. Some things included: MASSIVE LiFePO4 battery bank (10.8kW), 650 watts solar, 3kW inverter/charger 9.8 gallon undermount propane tank feeding Dometic cooktop and Propex...
  4. Promaster Parts
    I have a 2018 3500 Promaster that had a partition, after a camper conversion the partition is gone so I need the trim that fits a non-partition van. If someone is looking for partition trim it might be a perfect trade. Any info helps, thanks!