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  1. FS: Promaster High Roof Bulkhead partition

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    I've got a like new partition I've removed from my 3500 high roof. I'd like to get $250-$300 for it or a trade for something useful for my van conversion. I'm located in Memphis, TN.
  2. bulkhead removal

    bulkhead removal

  3. bulkhead removal

    bulkhead removal

  4. FS: Partition / Cargo Bulkhead

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    Freshly removed from a very low-mileage, very lightly used 2019 High-Roof PM. Ribbed steel on cargo-side with felt application on the cab-side. Excellent / Like New condition. Comes with all mounting hardware. I'm located in Seattle, but will be traveling between Bellingham & PDX a lot in the...