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  1. WEDGY Build Thread

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Well I didn’t plan on creating a build thread but given the circumstances what the ****…. This is Wedginald Vanderlust’s (aka Wedgy’s) journey so far….. Thanks so much to the folks that run and contribute to this site... It has been an amazing source of info! Background My wife and I have been...
  2. 2019 2500 RAM Promaster Campervan

    2019 2500 RAM Promaster Campervan

    Ben has been van-dwelling for 3 years now and has worked out a design that makes the most sense for tiny living. Inspired to feel like a home and be a comfortable place to live, sleep, and cook anywhere. Designed to house 2 people comfortably and still function and interact together. Over the...
  3. Cut my losses or pu$h ahead?

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Hello all! I recently bought a 2016 PM 2500 159 high top w/ 146k miles(red flag #1) on it for $19k. Carfax had little to no info(red flag #2) and was register in Ohio(red flag #3) and then Pennsylvania(red flag #4). This was going to be the home for my girlfriend and myself but now I am not so...
  4. PM 2500 136 HT Build (Use it - Add something - Repeat ...)

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    I have been lurking for years. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a 2019 2500 136 HT. I bought it on a Friday, drove it home, packed it up (Jetboil, cooler, cot, and sleeping bag), and took it out camping in Sun Valley for the weekend. 1. I could barely hear the stereo while highway...