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  1. How-To Forum
    Can anyone tell us where the airbag modular is located on a 2014 Ram Promaster 3500 Cargo Van? Thank you!
  2. Diesel Promaster Discussion
    Purchased a 2014 PM 2500 a few months ago at 110,000 miles. Drove it back to town and had some lighters installed. Somehow they threw a bunch of codes so I returned to talk to them about it. They assured me it was not a problem and that they must have tripped something when disconnecting the...
  3. Ram ProMaster City Forum
    A wire under my passenger side seat broke off the connector and now i get seat belt and airbag warnings. I don't think my warranty is going to cover this. Can somebody show me how their lines are wired? Green/brown goes with Purple or Orange Black? White/Yellow goes with Purple or...
  4. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    I my Promaster with a benchseat a while back and was able to find somebody local to swap out for a standard passenger. The Service light was on for a while until I got those two additional parts in the other post on here to trick the van into thinking there was an unoccupied phantom middle seat...
1-4 of 4 Results