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  1. Promaster Vehicle Sales
    2019 RAM Promaster 3.6L 2500 159 HR with $36,900 miles. In service date of 02-11-2019 so about 18 mo or 18,000 miles left on factory powertrain warranty. Has factory cruise control, rear camera, rear door windows. passenger side slider without window, vinyl bucket seats. Spare tire, 2 ignition...
    $38,000 USD
  2. Promaster Parts
    Hi everyone, I'm selling 2 rear quarter windows (1 x Passenger, 1 x Driver) for the 159" Promaster. I was converting my Promaster last year, but ultimately ended up selling it :( I never got around to installing the windows, hoping to sell them to someone who will use them! Both are still...
    $350 USD
  3. Members Personal Conversions
    Our family of 4 build We purchased our 2017 Ram Promaster 159"WB with just over 35K miles last July 2020, a story in itself, and anxiously began our build with an expectation that it would be ready by late September. Well...work, kids, life, COVID etc acted as speed bumps and it wasn't until...
  4. Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    Just bought a 2014 159" EXT and would like the composite floor to use in a build out. Doesn't have to be free, but also not trying to spend $400+ on it so lets try to be reasonable here, lol. Currently in Farmington, New MExico but travel for a living so depending on when you respond to this may...
  5. Promaster Parts
    Fits 159” wb. Removed from my 2019 2500 159. Comes with edge trim. Local pickup in Riverside, CA. $200 obo
  6. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    So I got my floor mostly finished. 1/2 insulation board and 1/2 birch ply. Followed a lot of the advice here. Looks great, fits well. I ran three 4' sheets of ply horizontally to span the 12' space, two have one of the factory tie down bolts, the other (middle) has two. Ran the insulation...
1-6 of 6 Results