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  1. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    I'm in Oakland CA, I bought a 2019 136" HR two months ago. We've cleaned it up a lot, got two new windows installed in the rear cargo doors, and one installed in the slider and some sound deadening so far. Looking forward to joining the discussions here!
  2. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hi! I'm sarah. I live in Oakland, CA. After months of searching, I finally found the right van for me today. A 2019 ProMaster high roof, 136 with less than 25k miles. I'm excited. I'm terrified. I'm looking forward to long nights of research, overthinking and youtube videos. I'm trying to figure...
  3. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    we spent this summer in a rented camper van. and 10,000 + miles later, I am in negotiations with local dealers to buy a high roof 1500, 136 WB. I don't know what I'm doing or how I'm going to get there. But I know what I want. Now if the dealers were more responsive..... I'm excited to be here...
  4. Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Hello all, and thanks for allowing me to join your community. First time van owner. Really first time ”RV’er” as well. A bit of background (this may sound familiar): My fiancée and I had been researching tiny homes for quite some time. I like the concepts of minimalism and a reconfigurable...
  5. Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Posing a question I haven't seen on the forums yet.....pictured below is a van I'm considering purchasing, everything looks great except two punctures on the exterior of the van. Top back left and top front left. My question is, do you think these pose any real risk? Or is it merely cosmetic...
1-5 of 5 Results