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Promaster City SLT Wagon
Deep Red Metallic
heat and rear power window, rear wiper defrost, tow pkg, alloy wheel & light,
Purchased new leftover 2015 in June 2016 then toured Snake River Hells Canyon area. Not having spare tire made me nervous when I was 50 to 100 miles up dirt forest service roads from any kind of service. Lots of middle of no where on that trip. Saw in Eastern Oregon the biggest most beautiful rust red, brown and black Roosevelt Elk with a huge many point set of antlers I have ever seen. Anywhere. He was bigger than my Promaster City. Hells Canyon is spactacular to. Looking down 6,000 feet to bottom of canyon is something special. Especially when you see a bunch mountain goats moving around near by on the vertical side of the cliff just below you. Looking up from river is quite something too. The scale is just hard to take in.
2015 Ram Promaster City SLT Wagon (Deep Red Metallic)


Cannot think of anything I want to do here fore now. This thing scoots well enough for me. Need to find out if there are any proper performance upgrades for this engine transmission package. It will torque steer if you mash on it.
None yet. Want to add a backup camera. Did not get that. The price I paid made it ok to be off the list for now. Looking for cargo tie down straps and a storage pouch to keep loose stuff in. It came with ram front and rear carpet floor mats. Looking for a suitable cargo area mat. Looking at the factory rubber mat with tie down hook openings, weather tech slush mat or carpeted Promaster City cargo mat. Experimenting with different style straps for holding things in place. May install additional hooks in corners inside rear doors to secure plywood if t need to haul stuff that size and have to leave the door open.
None yet. Considering a factory roof rail kit. Maybe a smallish open utility trailer to haul dirty stuff in so I can sell my old pickup truck. It came with factory mud flaps. Considering spare tire kit. Never owned a car i did not get a flat with. Going to get the front tow bar for it. It did not come with one and there is no place to hook onto the front without it. I have a hitch for the rear receiver I can use for the rear towing needs.
Has U connect 5.0. Not interested in NAV. Like my phone for that. So that will probably not change much. Has Satellite radio. So far, speakers are ok for me. Has six of them. May find a cell phone or iPad mount to hold them for in cab road apps use.
Again, cannot think of any thing more I want to do here. It's does what I want it to do right out of the box. Will have to see over time if there are any deficiencies I want to address. Maybe down the road when it comes time for new rear brakes, convert drums to disk. But that's going to be years away. The front sits pretty low and the air deflectors like to scrape on driveway approaches. The front will lightly bottom on some highway dips at speed. That surprised me a bit.
Wheel and Tire
I got the alloy wheel and light package. I am good to go here for now.



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