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FCA / Stellantis
Promaster 1500
I do not like the OEM and aftermarket lights as they leak after a couple of years when the foam gaskets of the screws disintegrate and also I had a couple of them leak due to glue failure between the clear and gray plastic base.

So I shut down and re-designed new marker lights that use commercial truck LED lights with large silicon gaskets:

This design eliminates the bolts through the top. So no more worries about:
  • No more OEM failed top bolt gasket and leak, as in this design the nut is in-bedded in the housing and the bolt inserted from the inside of the roof.
  • One peace body so no glue to fail.
  • Much smaller from the originals.
  • Finally much brighter LED's.
The body is made from ABS or ASA plastic which both are UV and temperature resistant. As I cannot make custom silicon gasket for the bottom contact, I used Marine type Silicon (if it keeps sailboats from sinking it should be good enough for a van lol).


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