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Promaster 1500 cargo low top
pretty bare
Purchased new in March, 2015 (36 miles on it).
Adding cargo liner/insulation kit in April 2015
2014 Ram Promaster 1500 cargo low top (White)


3.6 gas engine gets about 18-19 mpg city/highway or about 400 miles for every 20-21 gallon tankfull of 100% regular unleaded gas. At 1400 miles on it, it's not really broken in yet, so I expect it will go up 1 or 2 mpg after 5000 miles or so.

No engine issues at all. I have not added any fluids yet, still full.
Accelerator pedal is a bit aggressive for wet, icy/muddy conditions..spunky little engine!
Coming out of a 2005 e-250 V-8 ford, this engine out- performs it, and gets almost TWICE the miles per gallon that that old van got!! And does it without almost any engine noise too.
Now adding a cargo liner/insulation kit for promasters.

Future wish list:
Install more cargo area lighting so I don't need to use a flashlight in there!
Install second RV battery, and a couple of 12 volt lighter sockets in back.
Start buying, or making a shelving system in cargo area to hold hundreds of parts.
Install my 3000 watt power inverter.
Install a 12 Volt air compressor, with tank and pressure switch.
Plain white, no advertising stuff needed.
None...the factory cheapo radio/mp3 player has never worked, and the salesman couldn't get it to work either...when 1st. oil change is due, I'll drop it off for dealer service to fix or replace it. Don't use radio much anyway but storms and boring in-truck waiting time it would be a benefit!
Mini- van like feel to it..didn't really need the old van's heavy e-250 dump truck-like suspension anyway. Similar to a High-roof version of my mom's 2005 ford freestyle, with a lot more room inside. Ride is almost car like. Takes bumps, tilts, dips well. Satisfied.
Wheel and Tire
No issues yet, although after trying to buy a same-model Promaster with about 35,000 miles on it, I noticed that the rear rotors were wearing out on it, so I expect the usual 10-15,000 brake pad life, and changing the rotors every 30,000 miles...about the same as my E-250 Ford van brake life expectancy. I'm hopeful however, that tire life will be better on this van, due to the lower body weight, and new style suspension system.


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