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Hello guys. My name is Claudio and we have a Pet Relocation company. Yes, we move dogs and cats worldwide. With my partner we have teams and offices working in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Madrid, Spain, and Moscow, Russia.
I'm managing the USA office that's for now only in Miami. We have many request of relocations all along the States, but until we open our office in LA (I hope before the end of 2018) we work mainly in the East Coast and a bit to the center of the country. Since the weather conditions are very extreme at different locations and seasons, we decided to give an isolation backup to our van, we use for ground transport of our passengers. We imagine that in a critical situation, stopped in a extreme cold or hot area, without the engine power, the isolation could give us an extra time of survival to our passengers. Also to make it more safety in a crash situation, we built strong aluminum crates that are held to the van structure.
But because the drivers will be a lot of time in the van (we usually go from Miami until Boston or Chicago for example) we put a better sound to relax during the trips and when they have no pets onboard they can enjoy a bit of more powered sound. For now, our Ram Promaster 1500 gave us a perfect service according what we need and expect.
2016 Ram Promaster 1500 (white)



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