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  1. Unlocking ALL the doors at the same time.

    So how is it different than Toyota’s fob that unlocks the driver’s door on one push then needs a second push to unlock the rest? My F150 needed two. Isn’t it common? Are you just bothered you needed to move the thumb before the second push? I see it as a good system for a tradesman (which I...
  2. Normal transmission operations?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Not that far off really. I found the posts useful and realted. If all you wanted was an answer to the OP’s origional question- the answer is no.
  3. Weight distribution?

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    I think you will be fine. Balancing side to side is a good thing but many commercial RV’s are not. My 215 A-H FLA batteries weigh 65# each. What are you planning that would be 300# I have two of them for 130# 250# of water is over 30 galons, a lot for one person it would seem to me. Two of...
  4. Service transmission warnings

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    I expect it is setting a code. Can you get that for us? Many autoparts stores will assist you.
  5. 2015 diesel promaster 2500 pricing

    Ram Promaster Dealers & Pricing
    Wow those diesels command a great return even after 80-90K miles. Some are priced within a few thousand of what I bought mine for in 2015!
  6. 1500 HT 136" ProMaster- plans

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Those criteria can be realized in a lot of ways. Our solution is very different than your but the goal is the same. Great to see your solution.
  7. PM 2500 136 HT Build (Use it - Add something - Repeat ...)

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Adding sound deadening to a van to be insulated with Thinsulate or Polyiso is a good way to get rid of extra money and support a business that often spreads misinformation about the need for their product.
  8. Downshifting on its own...

    Warranty and Service Issues
    I am not sure yours is normal but the few times I have ridden in one of the gassers I was dumbfounded at the number of shifts. This is an area where the diesel was so much better as it has the torque to pull a considerable grade and the downhill is easily managed by the manual shift. Most PM...
  9. 2014 Diesel Promaster 2500 Transmission

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Call: -Ram customer. assist 866-726-4636
  10. What do you use for entertainment? TV,iPad, Microsoft Surface ect

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    19” Samsung TV with USB port that allows video streaming and runs native on 14 volts so I cut off the wall wart and wired to a 12 volt plug. Stream from an old disk drive or thumb drive. Have iPad, can stream from iPhone hotspot. I’ve been thinking of converting an old Apple TV to run off a...
  11. Trailer light Module

    Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    The module is usually stored in one of the rear corner pillars. Try the one nearest the plug. I’d guess the power supply wire will not show continuity from the front to the back of the van. Test for power coming into the module.
  12. Thermal bridging solutions

    Interior and Shelving
    Our Espar and Wabasto heaters use outside combustion and exhaust but use interior air to heat and recirculate. Can the Propex be converted to run that way? It would be much more efficient, that is more heat from the same fuel as the heating would be done on the interior air.
  13. Hill shifting issues - 2014 3500

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    It is not far from “normal”. During climbs on twisty hills and going down long inclines I have to use the manual shift or it drives me nuts. The manual mode works well and is so easy to access so I don’t mind. If you have reason to disconnect the battery for a half hour or so it will reset the...
  14. Thermal bridging solutions

    Interior and Shelving
    I too would avoid the Sauna on Wheels. I would not use sheet goods or T&G on the ceiling. Nice smooth 1” poyliso fills the spaces between the ceiling ribs almost perfectly. Glue it with Great Stuff GapsNCracks with beads running transversly across the van. Treat it with care and don’t piece it...
  15. Thermal bridging solutions

    Interior and Shelving
    Conduction of heat from the warm inside to the freezing (or below) skin of the van will happen wherever you have metal fasteners going through. We had a lot of it in home building when we had studded walls with the studs being the conducting material. Nails would pop out of the sheetrock...
  16. Hand built vs pre-made cabinets

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    I’d say you’ve come a long way to understanding how to build your own. Your modifications look strong. Kudos.
  17. Transmission oil change is it worth it?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    This is F’n unbelievable. 1. 500K and that trany had a lot of life left w/o the rebuild. 2. I won’t be doing one in this lifetime. 3. The guy did this after a 12 hour shift! 4. It sounds like he will have it back together the NEXT day! As a kid I used to take stuff apart to see how it worked...
  18. Privacy Window Shades

    Ram Promaster Classified Forum
    You are YELLING! please don’t do that.
  19. What did you do to your Promaster today?

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Thanks, It’s a long process because so much has to be disconnected and dissembled to get to the sender. Like GaryBIS we couldn’t see any way to do it except to take the intake top and bottom off. Not counting lunch and a trip to the dealer to get the replacement seals it took over 3 hours-...
  20. Help :-), not my forte

    That’s why toasting it is better. A microwave works on food that has internal moisture. A truly dry product will not heat up in one. Marshmallows have enough moisture to allow the incident radar waves to heat the sugar, water and gelatin which has been whipped to a squishy consistency and...
1-20 of 200 Results