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  1. Driving at maximum weight (GCWR)

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    I'm partway through Oregon now. Still doing the same shift points at 55 and 45mph; off cruise control and not flooring going up hill, keeping engine load reasonable. After the climbs around Shasta I'm down to 19mpg. Enjoying the plateau right now. Staying at ~4600' elevation. Its in the trees...
  2. Driving at maximum weight (GCWR)

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Anyone else here driven their PM while fully loaded down? I mean including a trailer, so you are not just at Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), but at or close to Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). I am currently at 12,000# and am absolutely shocked at how well the (diesel) ProMaster is...
  3. Transmission Acting up

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    Just a note that the scheduled maintenance includes changing the transmission hydraulic fluid every 2 years or 60k, first to happen. We just had ours done, two years of ownership and 40k miles.
  4. Top load vs side load fridge

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    We wanted a big fridge, with a seperate freezer compartment. I haven't looked, but I wouldn't expect to find a 5 cubic foot fridge in a chest model. Ours is split about 3.5 fridge, 1.5 freezer. Went with a Vitrifrigo, seemed quite fitting to have an Italian fridge in an Italian van.
  5. Did you travel to buy the right van? Can't find 136 high roof in CO

    Ram Promaster Dealers & Pricing
    Didn't travel at all, we ordered ours. Being that this would be the first time I'd purchased a new vehicle I wanted to get just what I wanted, and not what I didn't. About the only option we did not get was the factory nav (and glad we didn't). We did have to wait almost four months, but in...
  6. is it worthwhile to upgrade from OEM Nexan tires

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Is it wandering on good fresh and level pavement with no wind? Do you have the tires up to correct pressure? It may wander a bit, but if its obnoxious, then start investigations. I have 36k on the original Nexens, no problems with them wandering. Van holds quite true whether on midwest...
  7. Air Conditioner

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    When you put the airflow selection to the dash vents and turn the A/C on, the system will move to being in Recirc mode for airflow. It may start in Fresh air, but after a minute it will move to Recirc. When in Recirc the fan/air noise is louder; when it is in Fresh Air it is quieter. Now, it...
  8. Alex Honnold van

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Oh yes. He's the fella who free soloed El Capitan last weekend. <boggle> Massive, massive achievement.
  9. Floor Vent

    Interior and Shelving
    Phil beat me to it. Dave Orton has done this quite well in both his Sprinter and later his Transit builds. I love the idea myself, and have left space behind/under the fridge to do the same thing someday in the future.
  10. Looking to get a promaster and make covert camper. MPG? ECOdiesel MPG?

    Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Whereabouts in WA state? There's a couple of us now in the SE area. I have a 159wb EXT diesel, travel weight at 7000# right now. It has three driving styles; around town fairly easily, highway speeds at speed limit or minus 5 (me), and highway at speed limit +5 (her). Our lifetime mileage...
  11. Breaking News on EPA FCA Diesel Emissions

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    Good point.
  12. Breaking News on EPA FCA Diesel Emissions

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    I suspect the PM diesel is not part of it. It does get confusing, as the 3.0L EcoDiesel is the V-6 engine. However, I believe the 3.0L V6 and our 3.0L I4 are both from Volto Motori (VM), engine supplier for FIAT. I do love my diesel, and while I don't worry about problems now, I do worry about...
  13. Hello all from SE Washington

    Promasterforum.com Introduction Section
    Whereabouts are ya? I'm in Richland, WA; have been futzing about with building on my diesel for nearly two years now. Its at the 'functional' stage, has been for a year, but is far from finished.
  14. Why diesel? I just love the sound...

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    I've found that the sound of this diesel is just right. Its not the extra loud clattering mess that is an Cummins straight six from years ago. Yet its not trying to be ultra quiet like some of the new 'luxury' diesels from BMW, MB, and others. I've often found myself driving for hours with the...
  15. Navigation

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Whether its the same as the portable TomTom units, no clue. But you'll probably find that most folks would recommend to NOT get it, and stick with a portable unit. The built-in nav was one of only a few options that we specifically did not get for BoB. We find that our 5-6 year old Garmin...
  16. Foam blocks, remove, trim or work around?

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    I removed the upper blocks, kept the lower blocks.
  17. What is it?

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    Fairly sure that's the satellite radio antenna. Which thoroughly sucks, IMO. Driving down the Columbia River gorge to Portland, it drops signal most of the way. Other cars we've had don't drop at all. That, along with the repetition of SiriusXM channels, and we did not renew the satellite...
  18. Transmission shifting quirks

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    I don't rank these as specific problems with the AMT, more just 'quirks' that I've gotten used to. But I am wondering if other folks see these as well. 1) It sure loves 2nd gear. It will often let the engine wind up to 3k before shifting to 3rd. If not that high, then not far from it. Maybe...
  19. How many miles on your diesel?

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    Just about to "turn over" 30k miles on our 2015 diesel, with a 24mpg lifetime average. Had one problem back around 10k miles or so, something with DEF sensors, reduced power. Was on a road trip, stopped at a dealer in Boise, fixed and back on the road in a few hours, no problems since. Had...
  20. Portable AC

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Its currently out from the winter, not installed yet for the summer. When I put it back in (probably in a couple weeks) I'll take some pics of the unit and the install. I have it mounted mid-ships, under the fridge, with the air-exchange hoses vented through the floor.
1-20 of 200 Results