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      How come no one has made a 12v wall outlet dimmer for the RV/boating world?
      I have these wall mounted 12V dimmers in my Amazon Van build wish list. Not cheap, though...

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      We're using this dimmer in our van with the overhead 6 LEDs, it works well. It's still a bit bright at night fully dimmed and you get some strobe effect, but that is inevitable with bright LEDs and a PWM dimmer.
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      Very nice! One thing to consider: I attempted to use a solid state dimmer to control my LED lights and it did not work well. When dimmed the lights would flicker and the dimming range was very limited. I just ended up using a plain old rheostat that worked great. I suggest you try the dimmers out with the actual lights before installation.
      It's a good reminder to always test things before committing to them in the build. I wired up my puck lights on the bench first with a DC power supply just to make sure they worked before cutting them into the ceiling. Then today after your reminder I wired up the dimmer and all works fine. They come on nice and dim and go to full bright.

      Hard to capture the dimming with the iphone, but here's a couple of pics.



      I'm using the PCA dimmers. Not near as cheap as the one's proeddie posted, but they do look very nice when installed and seem to work well.


      Now on to the rest of the electrical. I started on the large wires today. AWG2, crimp lugs, heat shrink, etc. Tested the 110V shore power and everything is working fine. The 1000watt heater draws 7amps when running from shore power. The power conditioner has a real time amps readout along with volts and hertz. Kind of neat to see, but it will be hidden under the bed so won't be able to see it normally.
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