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      There's a whole thread on Macbook pro charging with Dc, so that question is solved.

      I had bought 2 of these:


      It had been recommended that I install the socket and buy chargers because the USB technology changes so fast.

      I bought 2A chargers to go with it. So I need to get a 3A. For the macbook, Apple recommends 85w for 15" Macbook, and this is what the other thread recommended as a super fast charge:

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      You have a socket that can provide 12 volts at 15 amps = 180 watts. I think that should be more than enough for you.

      This 12 volt charger would plug into the above socket and can put out up to 100watts but that seems to depend on the voltage that the Ipad Pro charges at. It uses a USB C plug. Is that correct for the Ipad Pro?
      The problem with this unit is that is appears to limit itself to 3amps @ 5volts = 15 watts.

      From what I can find I think you should try the below and see what it does.
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