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      Hi Lift jacks are bumper jacks and have no place to lift a PM van IMHO, ditch it and carry the origional. Or better yet:

      I have one of these (albeit from a similar Canadian outfit). It's great for most cars, super light and compact too (compared to a big steel one). But doesn't lift very high though. I wasn't able to lift my SUV high enough off the ground to change tires without a piece of lumber underneath.

      Is that how people are using these jacks with their PMs (huge piece of lumber)? I note the jack points for my PM are much higher than those of my SUV and so I haven't even considered using my alum jack.

      I have used the PM's jack, but just to test it out (I didn't want its first test to be one where it was an actual emergency). It worked, but yes, I can see how it'd be iffy on a slope or a soft surface.
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