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  • tlw00dy ·
    I noticed your comment that you would use 8020 again. I am just getting started with a build and my primary thought at the moment is to make it exceptionally modular so as to accommodate evolution over time. Want to consult? Do you have a build thread I could peruse?

    I was thinking unistrut, but perhaps 8020 is better.
    dobermin ·
    Hello, I am considering the Nature's Head composting toilet for our 159" EXT build and was wondering how you like yours and if you feel it would be ok to have the toilet enclosed in a shower room where it would obviously get sprayed with shower water...

    Thank you,
    Lance Torre ·

    Hey, I'm ready to attach my solar panel to my roof. I'm going to use industrial hinges because I want to be able to take it off at some point. Either way, what type of 3M VHB did you use.....there are many different numbers for the adhesive. Are you still content with how it adheres to the van? I'm installing a 260w Kyocera panel that weighs about 43lbs. Thanks in advance!

    alexmacd ·
    Alex in Portland here. I saw you have the exact vehicle I'm about to order for a conversion, though I think I'm just going to hit 2016. 159EXT high roof diesel. Super excited. I'm curious if you ordered yours or bought off a lot, and if you were able to negotiate much off the price?
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