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  • tgregg ·
    Because pvt messages are limited in length, the short snswer is:

    No regrets. Best upgrade we ever made. They are lighter, have more useable capacity, charge faster and maintain a higher voltage during deep discharge than FLA or AGM batteries.

    A normal battery combined won't work so I use the 'engine running' signal in the up fitter connection in conjunction with the SOC relay in the Victron BMV 712 to control my battery combiner so I charge only when the engine is running and SOC is < 90%. I stop at 95%.

    Don't know where you can get a lithium battery charger. Mine is made by Fuyuang. I use it monthly to synch the calculated SOC.

    Solar isn't necessary. We drive at least every 3 days even if its just to go sightseeing or get a coffee and donut.

    Start with 1 battery, size for 2 batteries. We used 2awg wire and get 70 plus amps from the alternator when charging from 60-70% SOC.

    For longer answers ask questions at [email protected]

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