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  • slamit06 ·
    bolt on however the mounts are welded into van to mount. Its expensive since its always custom and takes a good day of fabrication. Front grill gets taken off. $1800
    Puddletown ·

    Thanks for the reply and thanks for the help. I will give Matt a call this week.

    One thing I just want to correct as to not leave a wrong impression. I put the wrong URL in my first PM when I was talking about the van you did that was identical to my needs. I meant to include this URL: http://www.promasterforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37938&page=3

    Which is for the WHITE PM with the poptop, platform and 2 rows of sprinter seats. I incorrectly included the URL for the grey van which I understand is a far nicer build. Just did not want you to think that I was undervaluing your work.

    One last ? when you have CCV put on tops do you use a auto transport service to get the PM to CCV? If I buy one here in Oregon i am thinking about how to get it to CVV? One reason for me to buy in Oregon is that we don't have sales tax :)

    papab ·
    How much did your CR Lawrence windows & installation cost? I got one guy quoting $525 each installed for the slider & driver side openable windows. Another guy $971 each, but that includes a window treatment that he makes.
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