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  1. Do I Want To cook With Induction Cook Top?

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    The two Battleborns will handle the induction cook top fine and the 2 100 watt panels will too. I really like to cook on gas and do so at home so I use a Butane cooktop...
  2. Can’t get parts for a 2019

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    All 2015-2018 I believe are being recalled for the fan causing a fire. It has nothing to do with it being a diesel! As for the OP call Ram customer. assist 866-726-4636 and they might be able to help move it up. Yes parts have always been slow.
  3. Parallel Solar Setup vs Serial

    smdub Thanks for that bit of support for “ not Tracer". Perhaps the members here who have bought Tracer under some name could report their bad (or good) experience. Mine has been great. I just went to the Giggle world and looked at a few sites to see what they rated well and picked one that...
  4. sudden oil leak

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    Wa-hoo! You might go out and get a nice steak dinner on FCA.
  5. The Van Build Envelope - Design

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    Research coal fume deaths.
  6. Parallel Solar Setup vs Serial

    Usually when a poster expresses such a negative opinion they back it up with references to help us make informed decisions. I assume you are basing this on more than your word? I see it rated as best. https://www.renewableresourcescoalition.org/best-solar-charge-controllers/
  7. The Van Build Envelope - Design

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    My quick research 5 years ago is that polyisocyanurate with foil covering out gasses VERY little and then the blowing agent is an inert gas that will not harm you in your van. Keep the foil intact and even that is miniscule. I’ll bet you can find out more today. BTW burned it is toxic so don’t...
  8. Can anyone ID this part?

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    Walmart in the automotive section.
  9. Bull Bar

    Appearance and Body
    I’m betting most are faux protection anyway. 2” DOM tubing and plate steel is expensive and the crushable front clip on the van is not a great attachment for real protection. If it is style then any are fine if you really want protection this may not be the vehicle that it is easy to get. I...
  10. Parallel Solar Setup vs Serial

    I’m staying 3000 miles from KOV so no interconnection. Our solar panels are both wired in parallel his are 2- 150 watt panels and mine 2- 100 watters. There is no reason to run series for so low a wattage as the current is low enough to allow for inexpensive wire. To run in series also will...
  11. The Van Build Envelope - Design

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    My Pinto (yea I know) collected so much water in that similar space because they had closed it off and water got in from the front wheel wells that it would slosh when you drove. I fixed it with a 3/8 inch drill by putting 3-4 holes in it and never had a problem with water in it again. I have...
  12. Glow plug woes

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    Well they have spent nothing on mine as it has been near perfect. I didn’t buy any warrantee either. In the 70’s we only got 100K miles and about 5 years out of new vehicles as the salt and wear and tear did them in. I am at 80K and nearly 5 years already. Double that and I’m golden. Keeping...
  13. Interesting Bunk Bed Build in a 136"

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    The chlorine tablets dissolve readily and would do so in the trap. You do plan to have a trap right? You should. They also make dry traps.
  14. The Van Build Envelope - Design

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    RV8R, Thanks for the kind comments, and yes I have opinions! I wasn’t being critical but wanted to relate the issue that going to the desert might seem like the answer but we have our moisture issues here too. You can probably drive out of RH issues but we find in reality that is not...
  15. It has begun

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    If the wire is sized correctly it doesn’t matter.