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  • afox ·
    Hey RD,

    You wrote:
    Our Sportscraft swivel is a driver’s side model installed on the passenger side to do just that, move the seat out towards the door when turned. It has proven very handy.

    here: https://www.promasterforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=86351&page=2

    I already removed one armrest (the wifes :) and want more room between the seats. I have 2 sportscraft lowered bases and sportscraft swivels. Can I really just remove the seats/bases and swap them? Will the holes line up. I know I could just try this but thought you might be able to save me a few hours...

    Mattfox503 ·
    Just bought a 2016 HT diesel. We live in Central Oregon (but I grew up in NH and still go to Wolfeboro every summer - my wife and I are both teachers).

    Have you had any issues with it starting when cold? It gets down to single digits here. Wondering if that's been an issue for you or if you have had in in a NH winter.

    dawn ·
    Hi - I was wondering if you know the screw size for the cargo area on the predrilled holes that are not for the paneling? I have been trying to search the forums but I haven't seen the size anywhere. I have seen your posts a lot and you seem to know a lot about converting and I am so out of my depth with a screw driver let alone a screw gun - I don't want to make new holes unless I have to. Also - I was wanting to put up insulation behind the black paneling that came with it on the walls- do you know the size of those rivets? If not, where in the heck would I look for this stuff? I have tried the deal/service center here and they were not much help.

    Jandyweb ·
    You have mentioned Awning windows. Can you recommend some in particular. We just got our van and are starting the conversion as soon as we dismantle the start by the previous owner. Would like a few windows, not sure how many yet, but the awning ones seem really desirable.
    P0nchO- ·
    HeyRD, I just joined this forum and really like the post of your build. I have a question on your bed,is the long dimension (75”) across the width or the length of the van?

    dobermin ·
    Perhaps the 2000W Yamaha will work-- here are the specs from that link you sent:

    Cooling Amps-High: 11.7
    Running Watts Standard: 1270
    Running Watts Desert: 1550
    Running Watts Heat Strip: 1748
    Locked Rotor Amps: 58.4

    Also, when you have time could you send me a link to the control unit that would work with this? All new to me.

    Thank you for all your help.
    VanGuy ·
    Hello - I love your build and wanted to say thank you for putting the details and photos online.

    Would you be able to give some background on those panels you used for the interior walls and roof? It looks like they are pre-made to perfectly work in a promaster, but maybe you just did them yourself?

    Harberneiley ·
    I don't mean to bother you, but do you have any further information on the lower seat bases. The subject seems to have dropped off the table. It seemed to be a hot topic for many owners.
    Thank you for any thoughts.

    Nancy Neiley
    RDinNHandAZ ·
    We traveled down the Natchez Trace and had to go back to Pap's restaurant in Ackerman so we stayed in Tombigbee Nat. Forest near there. If you haven't been to Pap's find a way! Closed Wed.
    Sorry to miss you. If you decide to go down state in AZ stop at our home in Ajo, just north of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
    MsNomer ·
    Well, Darn. We are a week off. We will probably get to Big Bend the middle of next week. Headed to Grand Canyon, which unfortunately is the other end of AZ, and we want to be there the week or so before Thanksgiving.

    I grew up in Mississippi. Where did you stay there?
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