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  • rumpus ·
    Hi there, I just discovered that I have the upfitter power connection in my PM, and I heard a rumor that you might have the appropriate spade crimps for sale. If so, I would love to buy a set from you. I'm happy to pay by PayPal, if that works for you. Thanks!

    MtBiker ·
    Rich, Lived off the Summit @ Hutchinson Rd. for almost 30 years. We did lots of Mt bike rides up Ucon trail to USCS and Wilder so I was in Felton fairly regularly.

    We moved to Oregon about 10 months ago. Zero traffic up here. I had had enough.

    If you have the upfitter connection then both ends of the connector are in the B pillar plugged into each other. What you need are the crimp on spades that go on the end of your wire. The spades slide into the connector and then you reattach male and female sides. Let me know if you need further clarification.

    I have the connectors and can mail them to you. I usually send people 4 of them so they have extras for someone they might meet along the way.

    $10 shipped to you. I just need your address. PayPal to [email protected] or mail me a ten spot to 2450 Quail Run, Medford Or 97504

    Thanks Eric
    CampDirector ·
    Hey MtBiker,
    Are you in the San Lorenzo Valley? I see the Mystery Machine in your profile. I am interested in a few of the connectors. I'm in Felton. Let me know what works best for you. Also if you have a few minutes a quick tutorial would be awesome.

    Rich Burdick
    [email protected]
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